Each advancement in IT technology is an opportunity to grow. It can also be a reason to stay left behind.

The more you understand and embrace the technology the better chances your business has to survive and stay ahead of the competition.

Do not full yourself, your competitors see this as their chance as well.

Our goal is to help you benefit from the new IT technology.

What we do

software Custom Software Development

You can now simply login to our cloud CRM and manage your clients. We have developed several lines of products over years: CRM Based Applications, On-Line Web Services, Integration Projects, Phone App, Web Portal Platform. Follow the above link to find more details abour our software projects.

insurance Insurance Projects

We have been developing systems for insurance industry for more than 15 years. We have worked on range of products from broking to underwriter systems. For more details follow the above link to the website dedicated specifically to our insurance projects.

membership Membership Management System

Our Membership Management System consists of three products integrated into one complete solution: in-house member processing, members' on-line services and phone app. For more details follow the above link to our site dedicated specificlly to membership management

We are in the Cloud

form-host A website for hosting on-line business forms

There are many websites offering tools for building on-line forms one line at a time. Unfortunatelly you can build only very simple forms in that way. Real life professionl forms have to be made by professionals. We are offering both to make and host them for you. We are takling about complex business forms for collecting customer data. A good example of such forms are insurance proposals. Follow the above link to find more details abour Form-Host.

CRMStudio We have ported our CRM Studio to the Cloud

You can now simply login to our cloud CRM and manage your clients. We will configure a separate copy of the CRM database for your company. You will be able to manage your clients, their people and locations, create notes, tasks, send emails, attach files etc. Follow the abore link for more details about CRM Studio.

A55ETS Social website with business in mind

Current social media is, as its name says, only for socialising. Its time to have a proper social platform to be used both by businesses and individuals. It keeps your business related details and lets you control how you want to interact with business. Follow the above link for more details about A55ETS.


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