With emergence of the Cloud the whole software landscape changed. We want to establish our presence there and are investing by porting some of exiting products and developing new ones to be offered on the Cloud. The following is our cloud offer:

CRMStudio - Subscription based, cloud CRM System

Our CRM Studio is now in the Cloud. You can login and mange your clients, people and locations, contacts, tasks and attach files.

Client page in the CRMStudio:

Client's Form Example


TMPortal - Free Windows based web platform

A simple Windows based platform to create and manage your websites.

Admin Center example: a template defines general page format and its sections (on teh right), and components are added to sections to provide content for the page:

TMPortal Template examlpe


A55ETS - Social platform focused on assets

Users own assets and businesses create them, sell, insure, finance etc. This is a place where business meets clients.

Business assets page:

Social platform focused on assets


Form-Host - Professional on-line forms

To interract with your customers, you need complex professionally done on-line forms. We develop and host them with our website Form-Host.

Exmple of a big insurance form:

Form Example