About A55ETS

Find below what is A55ETS, why have we made it and all other details.

What is A55ETS

A55ETS is a social platform for people and businesses to interact and conduct business.

Products and services are a common thread that links people and businesses together.  Businesses make, sell, service, finance and insure them.  People purchase, rent and use them. We call these products and services with one word: 'assets'.

The website allows people and businesses to enter assets' details and images. They establish relations and communicate in regards to the assets.

Why A55ETS

Another 'social' website? Here is our rationale for building A55ETS:

Social websites usually allow you to communicate with friends, upload pictures of trips and parties. They are made for socialising person to person. These sites are not offering a place for companies to meet people and conduct their business. We see a whole niche that nobody is covering. A55ETS is our attempt to fill this gap and give both to people and companies a tool to conduct business.

More Information

This is Help and Support website for A55ETS. It contains in depth information about all of its aspects.  Currently you can see just several pages. There are many more and when you login you will be able to see the rest.  After login, several new menu items will show for you:
FAQ – You are not the only one to have questions. Someone else may have asked the same question and we may have already answered it.
Articles – There is a long list of articles explaining all features of A55ETS in detail.
Forum – is a place where you can post a question to the community

Menu when logged in

Demo site

We have a Demo version of the A55ETS website available for you to login and test. You can register as yourself or login using several existing demo user accounts. Please register here to see the Demo page in the menu for details about how to access the A55ETS website.

We hope that companies will find that the A55ETS is a very powerful tool to establish communication channels with their customers and conduct business. Private persons will also benefit from establishing links with known entities (as opposed to having to communicate via emails not knowing who is at the other end) and being able to control their link. The website will become their primary keeper of asset details and also a personal mail box to keep all business-related documentation.

Did You Know?