About A55ETS

Another 'social' website? Here is our rationale for building A55ETS:

  • A common thread that links businesses and people are products and services.  Businesses make, sell, service, finance and insure them.  People purchase, rent and use them. We call these products and services with one word: 'assets'
  • The website allows businesses and people to enter 'assets' details and images. They establish relations in order to communicate in regards to the assets. 
  •  It provides a social platform for people and businesses to interact and conduct business 

Social websites usually allow you to communicate with friends, upload pictures of trips and parties. They are made for socialising person to person. These sites are not offering a place for companies to meet people and conduct their business. We see a huge gap in the market and a whole niche that nobody is covering. A55ETS is our attempt to fill this gap and give both to people and companies a tool to conduct business.

Social platform focused on assets

The website you are now on is the A55ETS support and help website. To be able to access in depth information about A55ets, you will need to register and login (see login area on the right side). This will add  a number of new options to the main menu, for example : 

Assets Menu

Please browse through the pages available on the menu to find details about A55ETS.  We have provided you with several options:

  • Check our FAQ. Your question may already have been asked by someone else and then answered.
  • For more information, browse through our library of knowledge-based articles where you will find in depth information about various features of TMPortal.
  • Use our community forum and ask a question. Someone may have the answer for you or we may answer it ourselves.  
  • We are also offering support. Click on the Support page in the menu to see how it can be obtained. 

We have a Demo version of the A55ETS website available for you to login and  test. You can register as yourself or login using several existing demo user accounts. Please look at the Demo page in the menu for details about how to access the A55ETS website.

We hope that companies will find that the A55ETS is a very powerful tool to establish communication channels with their customers and conduct business. Private persons will also benefit from establishing links with known entities (as opposed to having to communicate via  emails not knowing who is at the other end) and being able to control their link. The website will become their primary keeper of asset details and also a personal mail box to keep all business-related documentation.





Did You Know?

The following scenario is possible with A55ETS:

You stop your car at a traffic light and the driver behind bumps into you. It is a minor damage but you still want to claim from your car insurer.

You get out of the car, use your phone or tablet and navigate to your A55ETS page. Find the car asset, and create a new image gallery for the asset. Call it “Car Damage”. Then you take several pictures and upload to the gallery. You take pictures of a damage on back of your car, front of other driver’s car, other drivers driving licence and one from a distance showing position of the cars.

You then send internal A55ETS message to the car insurer, asking to have a look at pictures.

They get the message, find the pictures, create a new claim on their system and then send you a message back with the new claim number.