Feature List

Suppliers create assets, they finance them, insure, service, rent etc. Assets are their products and services. Users consume assets: purchase products and use services. If there is a contract with a supplier, then there is a reason to communicate to them. This asset then deserves to be put in A55ETS.

Every asset has its own record. Record contain all asset’s details. Some of the data in records are common to all like asset name. Most others are asset specific: cars will have rego no, year manufactured, type and model, chassis number etc.

Both people and suppliers establish relations. They are always linked to an asset. This open channels for them to communicate by exchanging internal messages.
An asset is visible only to those suppliers or people that have relations establishes and permission to see the asset.

An asset can have pictures uploaded and stored in galleries.

People can establish relations among themselves and communicate with each other and socialize.

Suppliers have employees and they communicate with customers on behalf of the suppliers. One person can be linked to a supplier as its employee.

An asset can be made public and visible to all. This can be used as a way to put the asset for sale. A special sale page is available to put a sale pitch, price and other sale related data.

Suppliers can display ads. They can specify criteria to be used by A55ETS to determine who will see the ad. The criteria uses other asset information to match and will display only to those users that should be interested in the offer. The supplier will be charged ‘by impressions’ and this will force them to rationalise the number of ads and target them as narrowly and precise as possible.

The future versions of A55ETS  will bring ability to attach (PDF) documents to messages, opening door for A55ETS to become a document management system. Document will relate to assets and will keep all official documentation between people and suppliers.

A55ETS is currently available for demo. You can login and explore by yourself or use some of several demo accounts and see the A55ETS through their eyes.