Feature List

Every business is about products and services. Companies make, sell, service, finance and insure them. People purchase, rent and use them. We call these products and services: 'assets'.

On the A55ETS website, we store details of both individual users and companies but also details of their assets like cars, houses, mobiles, and jobs. An asset links a user to a company and is a reason for them to establish a communication channel and exchange messages. The website provides a platform for them to communicate and share an asset's data and documentation.

The following are several major features of the A55ETS website:

Social media 

This is where users will establish relations (as 'friends') and will meet, discuss, post pictures of assets and communicate. They will, for instance, post pictures of a new car and discuss its features with others.

Business platform

The companies will have a motive to become 'friends' with users and open communication channels in order to do business. They will send quotes, remind users to renew insurance or come in for service. The communication is always regarding a particular asset. Users will have control over which assets a company will be able to see.

The users will communicate using internal messages with their 'friends'. This will eliminate the need for emails in business communications and eliminate junk and unsolicited messages.



If communication in A55ETS is always between 'friends', the question is how companies will reach other users, those that are not yet friends, to offer their products and services. The answer is simple: by advertising.

The website will display companies' ads on the right side of each page. As the website has both users and assets details the advertisers will be able to target their ads very accurately to users by using those details. No other website has such detailed information and can offer such precise targeting. Of course, the advertisers won’t be able to see individual users. The website will do the matching behind the scenes and make sure that the right ads are displayed to users to meet the precise criteria specified by companies. The ads will be targeted based on following information:

  • Demographic details to advertise to people of certain profile, like aged between 30 and 40 years old
  • Location or geographic area, like in Sydney eastern suburbs
  • Asset data like owns a Toyota over 4 years old

The nature of the data in the database will be ideal for advertisers. The website should have very motivated advertisers and income from the beginning.


An asset is any product (or service) acquired by a user who wants to have a relationship (open communication channel) with the company that supplied it.

Users will keep detailed information for each of their assets. This should become the only place for such information.  For instance, they will keep car rego number, chassis number, data purchased, type and model etc. To insure their car, the insurer will only have to look into those details. No need to populate long forms with the same data over and over!



There is nothing stopping you from making your car a public asset (visible to everybody) and offering it for sale. You can sell your car, house ,etc. or ask for a job. 

Business Documents

Business today relies mostly on the exchange of paper documents. They will be now able to attach a document to an internal message and send to a user. As the message is related to an asset and a company that sent it, it will be linked to them and easy to find later. The website becomes your personal mail box!

Please note that attaching business documents to messages and the ability to precisely target audience for ads are not available in this demo version of A55ETS. This functionality will be implemented in future releases.

You can access the A55ETS demo website via this link: www.A55ETS.com. Please look for information on the Demo page about A55ETS support and help site www.timemark.com.au/assets.