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Did You Know?

The following scenario is possible with A55ETS:

You stop your car at a traffic light and the driver behind bumps into you. It is a minor damage but you still want to claim from your car insurer.

You get out of the car, use your phone or tablet and navigate to your A55ETS page. Find the car asset, and create a new image gallery for the asset. Call it “Car Damage”. Then you take several pictures and upload to the gallery. You take pictures of a damage on back of your car, front of other driver’s car, other drivers driving licence and one from a distance showing position of the cars.

You then send internal A55ETS message to the car insurer, asking to have a look at pictures.

They get the message, find the pictures, create a new claim on their system and then send you a message back with the new claim number.

Where else can this work like that?