Learn our vocabulary

Blueys - for a pristine beach


If you don't know what a website is, please close your laptop and go for a swim. This won't help with the website but will make you feel great.

Bondi - for those with an urban taste


Underneath a website there is a template of layout page. It provides structure to the website page and defines how it looks and works. It holds plugins that display content on webpages.

Keep an eye on changing conditions


Plugins provide contents to webpages. Each plugin has its own specific functionality and brings contents that is either its own or comes from other sources on the web.

Office cubicle

Online Store

Online Store contains websites and plugins. They are available for download and installation from the Online Store. All Plugins' and Websites' source codes and are free of charge.

Watch for dangerous predators

Content Page

The main website content is made of text and images and is stored in Pages. An easy text editor hides all internal complexity and makes it easy to use.

End of a hard-working day

Admin Centre

TMPortal comes with Admin Centre, which is packed with tools for managing your website and its contents. It is all done online and in real-time.