Always keep a big picture in mind

Your new website starts with our Default template. It has its own look and feel and brings several page layouts where the contents will be displayed.

The content is added via components. Each component brings a different type of content, like texts, images etc.

There are other templates that you can install from Plugin Store. Check websites that are using them and see how they look like.

When you install a new template from Plugin Store, the template will be empty, without any content. You will need to add components to layout pages to provide content. By adding a new template, you will be in effect creating a new website from the existing content.

Having more than one website, requires different URLs to open each of them. To make a URL for the new website, add a template name at the end of your domain name. If domain name is for instance www.MySite.com, to access Default website use www.MySite.com/default. If the new template's name is 'Timemark', use www.MySite.com/timemark.

You should specify one of the websites as a default website, You will then open it using just the domain name and without the template name at the end. To specify default template go to Admin Centre/Options/Default Template.

Please consult the relevant documentation for more details.