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All content on web pages is provided by Components. They are added to page layouts and then displayed on the website.

The content on your website usually comes from text and images prepared by you in advance. Examples are text and images about your company, your products and services. Other types of content provided by components are menus, blog posts, your Tweeter activity, customer comments posted on your website end many others.

A component can also bring content from external sources via Internet. Examples are: Weather Forecast, Stock Exchange data etc. A content provider sometimes offers their contents for fee or displays advertising as part of a deal.

Explore existing components in Components tab in the Admin Centre. There are also many other components that you can install from Plugin Store. 

Some of the components will be used more often than others. Examples are:

Page Viewer - all bigger texts with images are stored in Pages in Admin Centre. The Page Viewer component adds them to layout pages to be splayed.

Dynamic Menu - menus are standard way the websites provide navigation to their pages. This component allows you to manage navigation links to your pages.

Learn more about components in their documentation in Plugin Store.