Admin Centre

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To manage a website and its contents we have developed Admin Centre.

To open it, add word '/Admin' at the end of your website's URL. It should look like this: This will open the Admin Centre. Login to it. If this is your first time, login with user-id 'admin' and password 'admin' and then change the password to something else.

Fist step is to understand what is on its home page and find your way around.

Left side of the home page has a list of modules. This is where you will manage every element of the website and its contents:

Websites- is where you will define the way the website looks.

Plugins - to provide contents to website pages. They display text, images, menus and everything else on your website.

Pages & Posts - are for texts and images. The page you are reading is done in that way.

Files - is where you will upload your images.

Read more about each of them on other pages of this website, or in depth in articles on TMPortal website.