What Now?

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Global picture first

So far, you have registered on the TMPortal website and downloaded the website software.

You have then installed it either on your system or somewhere in the Cloud.

As a result, this website popped-up.

Now you need to make it yours, to own it: to put your content, your text and images. 

If you like the overall way the website looks, then just change the content to your needs. 

The look and feel are determined by the website. If you have some other look in mind, choose another website from our Plugin Store.

Find Information

Browse through the website to learn about websites, plugins, online store, content pages and admin centre. 

For more and to find in-depth explanations of every aspect of TMPortal, login to the TMPortal website. You will have several ways to get information: FAQ, Articles , Forum, Tickets and as a last resort, you can send us an email.