Is this Pig Latin?

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Can you read this text? What is it, is it Latin? Pig Latin? No, it is not, but you are also not far from the truth. It is Latin-like filler text.

Here is explanation:

The origin of the text comes from one of Cicero’s speeches but is heavily modified so that the text lost its meaning. It is like a text with computer jargon that nobody can understand except couple of nerds. The difference here is that not even Latin nerds can understand this text. It simply doesn’t mean anything.

It has been created in 1500s and popularised in 1960 with the beginning of computer industry.

It is used as a dummy filler text, as placeholder for future content.

This website had initially all pages populated with this text. We couldn’t give you totally empty pages, could we? The beach-theme texts and pictures came later.
We left the original text in ‘Latest Posts’. The idea was to annoy you so that you have no choice but to sit and actually write first blogs posts. I think this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with your new website.