Implementing Plugins

Plugins are our way to engage other people and enrich TMPortal with their ideas and solutions (read all)

Creating TMPortal

A wile ago we set on a path to create a new website platform for us from scratch. Now we decided to share it with others. (read all)

Is advertising always bad?

Can advertising based on up-to date information about people and their assets turn the ads to useful information. (read all)

Creating a phone app

Creating a phone app Technology is constantly changing and we are always in dilemma whether we should embrace it and use in our business. The latest wave has brought us smart mobile phones. So should you use the mobile phones in your work and how can they improve your business? (read all)

Building a web site

Building a web site Every company these days has a website. This is not novelty any more. The website is an important marketing and production tool. (read all)

Building a new customized system

Building a new customized system I have left this as a separate post as this is the big job and requires large investment in time and money. Can you embark on a project to develop a complete new system? Where to start? What to expect? I will try to answer those questions in the text below. Why to build a new system (read all)