About CRM Studio

We made CRM Studio a couple of years ago we realised that every application that we develop has a CRM component in it. Every company has clients and needs tools to manage them. CRM Studio was a starting point for building other applications. So far, we have built several applications based on  CRM Studio. We call them ‘studios’: Broker Studio for insurance brokers, Member Studio for membership management and Legal Studio to run a legal company.

Client page in the CRMStudio:


Client's Form Example

All those products were offered as stand-alone systems. The emergence of the cloud, gave us opportunity to port them to the cloud and make them available on a subscription basis. 

CRM Studio is the first that we have made available on to the cloud. It is now live and ready to be used. The users have to register and then pay a monthly subscription that depends on the number of their active users. 

Please register to access more details. A number of pages with in-depth information are available to registered users:

  • FAQ: if you have a problem or a question regarding CRM Studio, have a look first in our FAQ. Someone may have already answered it.
  • Articles: browse through our knowledge base articles for details about particular topics.
  • Forum: you may post a question on a forum and someone else (or us) will answer it. 
  • Support: we also provide support in several ways. Please go to the Support link on the right side. You can populate a Support Request that will prompt us to help you. Please go there for information how to obtain support.

You will be also able to login to our demo site and experience CRMStudio first hand.