Admin Centre

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To manage the website and its contents we have developed an Admin Centre.

To open it, add word '/Admin' at the end of your website's URL. It should look like this: This will open the Admin Centre. Login to it. If this is your first time, login with user-id 'admin' and password 'admin' and then change the password to something else.

Fist step is to find your way around.

Left side has a list of modules. This is where you will manage the website and its contents:

Templates defines the way the website looks.

Components provide contents to website pages. They display texts, images, menus and everything else on your website.

Pages & Posts are for texts and images. The page you are reading is done in that way.

Files is where you will upload your images.

Read a bit more about each of them on other pages of this website, or in depth in articles on TMPortal website.