• We have been developing software products for years.
  • Then Internet came and started to generate a big demand for design work. It blured a line that devided our's and designer's job. We all become designers.
  • This website is home for design jobs that we have done so far.
  • It focuses on the design related to software development, websites and everything else that brings software development and the design together.
  • It also shows some work from others that we like.

Examples of some fine street art

Works of Banksi have always been inspiring to us

3D drawing of an unknown artist

Random old picture

Memories from 60s

Some examples of our work

Web site Timemark Software is our main software development website.

Web site TimeKeeper showcases our online web calendar

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About our logo

Have you noticed our logo 'the Cube'? Ever since created, it has been recognised as a very successful logo design and published in various selections of the best designed logos.

The following link shows the logo on the cover of one of such publications. Click here to see the publication.

We have often asked ourselves how would the logo look in 3 dimensions. Here is the answer:

                  Timemark Logo

It always pays off to work with the best people in the business!