Life after Windows-7-recovery

If you have searched for phrase "Windows-7-recovery" you did it with a good rerason. You are probably cursing your life: "why this had to happen to me"! You PC has gone mad. “Microsoft recovery” form is up warning you that computer is about to crash. (read all)

Surviving keyword analysis

There is a psycho analysis and there is the keyword analysis. Both have to do with madness. Here is how I survived the second one. Just lie on the couch and relax. (read all)

Keyword nightmare

Everybody is trying to scare me: how do you rank with Google? Are your keywords doing any work for you or maybe on contrary causing Google to punish you? Have you done proper keyword optimisation? How do you stand with SEO? (read all)

Knowing other peoples’ thoughts

Imagine that could you know what people think. To know what they want, ask, plan, what they think that others think. This would be something! You could plan your business with accuracy offering exactly what they want and how they want. (read all)

We have broken our web site into pieces

We had a nice and beautiful web site. Then we decided to break it into pieces. Why did we do that? Here are some good reasons. (read all)
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