Is advertising always bad?

Can advertising based on up-to date information about people and their assets turn the ads to useful information. (read all)

Creating a phone app

Creating a phone app Technology is constantly changing and we are always in dilemma whether we should embrace it and use in our business. The latest wave has brought us smart mobile phones. So should you use the mobile phones in your work and how can they improve your business? (read all)

Building a web site

Building a web site Every company these days has a website. This is not novelty any more. The website is an important marketing and production tool. (read all)

Building a new customized system

Building a new customized system I have left this as a separate post as this is the big job and requires large investment in time and money. Can you embark on a project to develop a complete new system? Where to start? What to expect? I will try to answer those questions in the text below. Why to build a new system (read all)

Starting development project

Starting development project What issues will you face when doing the custom development? Here are some of suggestions that will help you: (read all)

Planning custom software development

What should you know before planning custom software development What is custom s/w development? Why would you have your custom s/w developed? What will you get and what risks you will face? I have seen a number of software projects being started and watched some of them fail. In this document I will tell you all that I have learnt so far and give you many real life examples. You should read and digest this before you embark on custom s/w product development. You will be at amazed what you have learned! (read all)

Hosting on-line forms

We are making and hosting on-line insurance proposals. They can be opened from your website, populated and submitted. You will get an email with data. Simple solution but a huge step forward. (read all)

Mixing tablet and desktop

You can see right away that something is wrong there. The Word is not an app! This is obvious. It doesn't look like an app, doesn't work like an app and opens on desktop. Why are they pretending that it is an app? The word should simply be part of the desktop until they redo it and make a version of the Word that really is an app. Then putting in on the tablet would make sense. (read all)

Windows 8 or not

When you think about this, why would anybody purchase the Windows 8 laptop?  I can see only one reason: to take to work, hook to company’s network and use Word, Outlook and the rest. So does this work? (read all)

Selling laptops like tomatoes

It looks that big retailers are competing who is going to make purchasing of a laptop a more miserable experience. They have brought it to the level of purchasing tomatoes on Paddys market. They could have rented a stand there as well. (read all)
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