Rotating Logos

Rotating logos grab user's attention and make them spend more time on the web page. We have developed a number of nice rotating logos. Some were for the clients and some for our own use

Membership System

Finn Foster Pty Ltd

Customer has requested several versions of the rotating logos. They had white or black backgrounds and were compiled as AVI video format or dynamic GIF image.

We also created several 15cm wide larger versions to be used as screen savers.

Timemark Pty Ltd

Timemark Pty Ltd

Have you noticed our logo 'the Cube'? Ever since created, it had been recognised as a very successful logo design and published in various selections of the best designed logos.

The following link shows the logo on the cover of one of such publications. Click here to see the publication.

We have often asked ourselves how would the logo look in 3 dimensions. This is the answer.

It always pays off to work with the best people in the business!


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