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There are plenty of tools for creating websites. They are often called ‘platforms’. One of the biggest is WordPress. We have used it to create websites for our clients. On several occasions we found WordPress to be too restricted as we couldn’t implement what our clients required. We simply needed a better tool. What we wanted was the following:

  • To be Windows based as our system and our clients' systems are all on Windows
  • To be data driven, so that we are free to add code and build components online
  • That it can access various databases to display and update data
  • To be able to create various versions of the website from the same content
  • To be simple and fast

Surprisingly, we didn’t find anything like that on the Internet, so we decided to build a new one from scratch.

  (image: one of our websites based TMPortal)

The resulting tool has an admin interface where we can:

  • Create and manage content pages
  •  Use existing and add new templates. They define the format of pages: where areas for content will be, e.g. on top, at the bottom, left, right and centre. The areas are empty and ready to receive  content.
  • The content comes from components that we can add at any time. Each component is a piece of code made of html, JavaScript and CSS, standard web languages. 

The tool is aimed at people that build websites and have to struggle with problems, like we did.

Some component examples:

  (image: Page contents)

(image: example of a component that lists the last 10 blog posts:)

  (image: component code)

We have come to a point when we want to share TMPortal withe the wider community. We are now offering TMPortal free for download. See more here download TMPortal for free



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