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Every business has a need to collect data from clients. By supplying the data customers register for some service, asks for product, request insurance, provide their opinion via questionnaires or surveys etc.  We are all inundated with various types of forms that we have to complete from time to time.

The forms used to be on paper. We had to populate a form and send via snail mail. Then we all got websites. Currently majority of the forms are available from the websites and are in PDF format. Surprisingly, still very few of them are proper on-line forms available to users to populate and just transmit.  It is unusual that on-line forms are not used more considering that the technology has been available for years. Our reasoning is that although technically available there was no proper offer on the market to develop and host them for clients. Those rare on-line forms in existence today are developed in house by their own ITs. This usually means: slow, complicated and expensive.

There are many websites that offer tools to ‘build your own form’. Such forms are generally very simple and made line-by-line. Their look is very far from proper professional forms that exist on paper and PDF. There is still not right offer for that on the Internet.

Our recent experience with trying to build on-line forms within WordPress, a usual web development environment, was more than frustrating. It looks like the whole need that businesses have for proper on-line forms has been forgotten. We gave up using it and decided to develope our own platform for building and hosting the forms. This was the starting point in making our current product Form-Host.

We are now offering two simple and basic services:

1.       To build on-line forms for you. The forms will look like your current paper or PDF forms.

2.       To host the forms for you on our website.


Each form will be accessible via a link from your website, or the link that you imbed in emails sent to clients.

Once a client opens, populates and submits the form, an email with data will be sent to you. A copy of the email can be sent to the client as well. As simple as that!

We can, off course, go further and help you integrate with your current systems etc.  But this is something you may worry in the future.  Leave the complexities for later, if and when you need them. For now, you can have an on-line form available via link from your website in a couple of days.

Think about benefits:

·         Expand your offer to wide audience

·         Give your clients and easy way to send you data

·         Get immediate response from them

·         Reduce workload of your people by letting customer do work for you

·         Bridge technology gap and leave paper and PDF forms behind


You can read more and find examples on our website

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