About Form-Host

We initially developed Form-Host as a tool for hosting complex insurance forms for our customers. Any other tool that we came across wasn't powerful and versatile enough for our needs.

We wanted to make it simple: a client populates a form and you get an email with all the data. This covered the majority of our customer needs.

Professional business forms are usualy very complex. They need a professional to develop them properly. In most cases you will want us to make them for you. This is a one-off expense for you and we will quote you for this work.

Form Example

Once developed, the form will be hosted on our website. The link that you put on your website can look something like this:

Entertainment Event Liability Proposal

Underneath the full link would look like this:


The second part of the link is The name of the form.

You can put the link on your website or send via email to clients.

Of course Form-Host can do much more than just 'submit and email' . It can collect data for you, integrate with your current system and do many other jobs. There are several scenarios that it can support. Please follow the links for in-depth information.

If you have a problem or a question regarding Form-Host, have a look first in our FAQ. Someone may have already answered it.

Browse through our knowledge base articles for details about a particular topic.

You may post a question on a forum and someone else (or us) will answer it. 

We also provide support in several ways. Please go to Support link for more details. You can populate a Support Request that will prompt us to help you. Please go there for information about how to obtain the support.





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