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Let clients do the work

We have done several online web services projects. Those are systems that our clients use to offer various on-line services to their customers. The idea is to empower the customers and at the same time let them do the work. 

Online Quotes is currently being implemented with one of the biggest insurance brokers.


(image: one insurance product)

Online Quotes allows insurance companies to offer insurance products on Internet. It is one of several similar projects that we have done for the insurance industry.

The system provides several services to the clients including:

  • Read and review details about the insurance product

  • Populate insurance form and submit to request a quote.

  • The quote is automatically rated and premiums calculated

  • Pay on-line for the insurance

  • The policy number is generated and a PDF invoice and schedule created and submitted to the client

  • Be able to view their documentation on-line.

  • The system will process renewal of the policy when it is due.

Using Online Quotes your clients can purchase insurance online.

They can do the following:

  • Read and review details about the insurance product
  • Populate their data and request a quote.
  • Get an automatically rated quote
  • Proceed to pay on-line for the insurance
  • Get cover and a policy number.
  • View their documentation on-line.
  • Renew policy when due.

The policy details and schedule with all other details are emailed to the client.


The clients see the following on-line quote:

(image: quote example)

The Online Quotes provides you with several key benefits:

  • You can offer your products on the web and let clients do the work for you.
  • Using the related product Broker Studio you will have a powerful system to run your insurance brokerage.
  • Using the related product Phone App will provide mobile access to your data
  • You will embrace the latest Web 2 technology

The product has been developed with the latest Microsoft Internet technology and is hosted on a Windows server.

Using online quotes is an efficient way to expand your business and engage your customers in your day-to-day operation. They feel empowered as they can process their own transactions but at the same time they do the job for you reducing a number of people that you need to run your business.


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