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Mobile access to client's data

Mobile phones are nowadays everywhere. They are the fully operational computers with integrated network and everybody has one all the time. The potential is huge and difficult to comprehend. A platform like this has never existed before. It is unavoidable that one day they will become an important part of your data processing.

It was expected that our clients would come with requests to have a phone app for mobile access to their data. Smart phones are everywhere and it is high time to integrate them with business. As a result, we have developed Phone App, an app for mobile phones to access data from databases.

There are three versions of the product that we have developed:

  • Employee Access: employees can login to the app to search for clients and view their data. They can view contact details, addresses and notes about the client
  • Client Access:  clients can login and access their data in the database
  • Public Access: it is linked to our Member Services and the public can search members' directory listing, view members' contact details and their offerings.  

Once the client's record is located the user can call, send a message and email directly from the phone using details on the screen.


(image: mobile phone app - member details)

The following actions are available:

  • Touching client's email address will open the phone's email screen with the email address already populated.
  • Touching phone number will open phone's call screen with the phone number already there
  • Touching web address will open the client's web site
  • Touching View Map link will open a map showing the client location

The Phone App provides several key benefits:

  • Employees can access clients' data while on the move. Your database holds all the client contacts that you can use wherever you are.
  • Clients can access the app to view and manage their data. They become the owner of their information and responsible for keeping it up-to-date.
  • The general public can search and view members' contact details and their offerings. You are providing a directory listing service to your members.

The Phone App currently works with several of our existing products. It can be easily modified to access data from any other databases or system.

Phone App works with all major mobile phone platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows 7.

Our Phone App provides a simple and efficient way to access your data when out of office.  There are various scenarios that you can implement with the Phone App: access by your employees, access by members to manage their data or by general public.  It will allow you to use the power of the modern mobile technology to help you run your business more efficient.


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