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By developing websites using WordPress framework we realised that it didn't have tools powerful enough to create complex professional on-line forms, like the ones that our clients needed. We tried to heavily modify existing add-ins for creating forms in WordPress but in the end this was still not enough.

That’s why we decided to create our own environment for creating and hosting forms. We set the following several design goals:

  • To be a power tool capable of creating and hosting complex on-line forms
  • To be developed in Windows environment
  • To be simple to use and manage
  • To be able to integrate with client's systems if required
  • To be available both as a cloud version and standalone installed on the client's site

An example of an insurance form:

Form Example

This is how it works:

  • We build the form
  • We host the form on our form-host website
  • You put a link on your website that leads to the form, or send the link via emails to users

What happens after that? There can be several scenarios:

Scenario 1: typical use

  • A user completes a form and submits
  • An email automatically comes to you with the submitted data
  • An optional copy of the email goes to the user

This scenario is typical for insurance forms and web registration forms

Scenario 2: pre-populated form with previous data

  • A user opens a form that is already pre-populated with their previous year's data from your database, they completes and submit
  • An email is automatically sent to you with the data
  • An optional copy of the email goes to the user

This is a typical scenario for Insurance forms for policy renewal.

This requires that previous data is available, that we can upload it to the Form-Host website and that it is installed in the right place.

Scenario 3: we collect data and send all of it to you at the end

  • A user completes a form and submits. The data is saved in our database.
  • An optional email with populated data can be sent to the user
  • After the survey is closed, we will export all of the received data to Excel and send it to you

This is a typical scenario with Surveys and Questionaries

Example of form footer attachment area and submit button:

Form Footer

Here are some examples of the forms that we made:

Travelling Sideshow Proposal

Steadfast Security Proposal

Entertainment Event Liability Proposal

Example of Renewal Form

The form-host can be used for insurance forms (proposals and claims), for various questionnaires, registration, contact us forms and many others.

Please contact us for more details.





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