CRM Studio consists of a number of interrelated modules with each module managing its own specific area. There are modules to manage Clients, Notes, Tasks, Marketing, Built-in security, etc. When put together, the resulting system is powerful, sleek, highly customizable and adjustable to each user’s needs.

The following is a brief description of some of its main modules and features:

Clients Module

It stores client’s details together with multiple client’s personnel and locations data. You can categorize the clients by: customers, suppliers, insurers etc. Most of the details you collect have standard pre-defined fields on forms like First Name, Surname and Postcode and those fields are stored in the database.

You can also collect various user-defined profile details like type of business, company size or hobbies.

Client's form example:

Client's Form Example

Notes Module

With the notes module you will record contacts with customers and various comments and assessments.

Tasks Module

This is a simple task management tool. You can create a task in order to record and follow your work on some topic or problem. You can allocate a task to your people. You can specify follow-ups for the task to pop-up at some later date.

Attachments Module

Attachments module is a built-in document management system. You can upload and attach files to clients, notes, tasks etc. The files can be in any standard Windows recognizable file format: Word, Excel, PDF, various image formats etc. 

You can also attach emails from Inbox and Sent Item email folders from Outlook.

The files are internally stored on the web server in a file system.

Security Module

The system has internal role-based security that controls overall user’s access. It defines which modules a user can see and what the user can do with the data: view, update, delete, add etc.

Security roles specification:

Security Form Example

Marketing Module

The module enables the creation of mailing lists of the clients. Using the lists, e-mails and letters can be sent to the users. 

Home Page

This is a user's dashboard and displays all user relevant information: tasks, notes, recently updated clients etc. The user can also see all of the activities displayed in calendar mode.

There are various other modules, some accessible to users and others controlling various system functions.


Most of the functionality is data driven and can be customized online to fit your needs.

Just a starting point

Apart from being a system by itself, we use CRM Studio as the starting point for building other applications.

Every application has clients to manage and using CRM, that already has tools for client management, as the starting point makes a lot of sense. It usually covers half of the functionality that a new application will have. For the rest, we add new modules to manage additional sets of data, and voila, the new application is born.

In that way, we have built Member Studio, a membership management system that is currently successfully running in a large association with tens of thousands of members.

We have also made Legal Studio, a legal management system that is running in a legal company.

We plan to gradually add new modules to CRM Studio and offer them to users to choose from.

You can access the CRM Studio website via the following link: You can contact us for a demo login.


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