New type of social network

People have their records in A55ETS, and via assets they can communicate with suppliers. This is the main idea behind this project. But, what about people communicating among themselves? What, socializing? This is a job for Facebook, isn’t it? They talk about cats and dogs, babies, holidays and parties. Here we are dealing with cars, houses and other objects and contracts. To serious for socializing?

We thought about it and a different picture started to emerge in our minds. We asked ourselves some simple questions and answers came by itself:

If we allow people to establish relations among themselves, what are they going to talk about. Assets! Their house, car job…
Why don’t they use Facebook for that? Not made for that. It would look like showing off.

What to talk about car? Show pictures of a new car, discuss its performance. 

Wait a minute: pictures??? Why not? Where else they can post them?

Who else has details about the car. Only us.

A picture that emerged is about a vibrant social network, with people talking, discussing their assets with plenty of pictures, the benefits or faults of asset etc. This whole new space is not covered by anybody. And socializing is just a by-product, a consequence of having all those assets already there.

The rule is the same as with suppliers: I decide which assets will someone see and what data in them. Only then this makes sense. 

So, we will end up having galleries of images and each of them will be related to one of the assets. And, can you imagine: no cats and dogs. You can still use Facebook for that. If you insist really hard, we may sit and develop a new version of Facebook-like social network for cats and dogs only. You never know.