We didn't plan it but you can still sell

Here is a nice mental exercise: what is going to happen if you decide to make your asset public, visible to everybody. If I am not related to you, should I see it? If I had to, I will be very annoyed as, by that logic, there can be millions of others showing off their assets to everybody. Just think about suppliers showing their products.

I must be able to see a list of my own assets. Then a list of other people assets, but ‘regular’ assets, those people that I am related to and they allowed me to see their asset. And then, there should be a separate list of assets that people made public and that I didn’t ask for. There should be actually not a list but a search available among those assets as there could be too many of them.

So, we have a new feature, to show off assets to everybody. We didn’t ask for it, but it is here, and the question is now: how we can make use of it. Another by-product that pops-up and opens a new door for us!

We can use this feature to offer a car for sale for instance! Make it public, allow some of the car’s data and pictures to be visible, write price, sales pitch and here we go. You have noticed by now that we are not looking for new features and methods of using A55ETS. They are chasing us! We had to add ability to create a page for the sales data and the pitch. An asset needs now to have a status, like ‘for sale’ or ‘sold’.

You can now search public list of assets for a particular asset you need. You can communicate and finalise a deal. All while you are logged in.

We really didn’t ask for this but, somehow, we will get in a business of selling cars, houses, searching for jobs and you name it.