Our Experience


The company was started in 2003. At that time we were deeply involved with several projects mainly for insurance brokers. We were upgrading their systems to make use of, at that time, new and emerging technology: The Internet.  We were helping brave and visionary brokers to get ahead of their competitors. It was only recently that the others cought up with them, having allowed them a number of year to enjoy benefits of adopting the new technology at early stage.

We still have a strong presence in insurance industry working with brokers and underwriters to develop new and modern systems.

At some point we realised the need to develop our own products and be able to offer to the market our ready-made solutions.  As a starting point we have developed a powerful and versatile CRM system. The idea was to use the CRM as a base for development of various vertical industry solutions.  We have developed several solutions so far: for membership industry, insurance and legal. We called those products ‘Studios’ hence our products are Member Studio, Broker Studio and Legal Studio.

The idea to have a strong CRM as a base and starting point for other products has proven to be right and we are planning on developing solutions for other industries as well.

Developing an initial product for one industry is often just a start as we soon realise that there is a need for other complimentary products as well. The following is an example how we evolved while implementing our Member Studio products with the client.

Soon after installing the Member Studio with the first customer, we have realised that there is a completely new area that we have to cover. This has prompted a new project to develop Member Service, a separate web site to provide on-line access for members. It uses the same database and is made to offer various on-line services to members: to register and renew subscription on-line, maintain their contact data, enrol in seminars, manage their directory service page, publish job vacancies etc.

We have followed the rise of mobile phone technology and made a plan to develop an app that will display member’s data on the phone. A customer request for the mobile app came faster than we expected. That’s how our Phone App was developed. It displays member’s data from the database and depending on the version, the app can server company employees, members or general public.

There is a new shift to move all processing and data to the ‘cloud’. We are preparing the environment for that and soon we will be ready to offer our products in a hosted environment where the clients will be able to pay a monthly fee to login and use our products.

We are constantly watching new developments ready to update our products and develop and add new ones to our membership suite.