We need partners. We are well aware that we can’t expand our business alone. We need people from other companies and industries to help us create and deliver solutions for industries. You may be in the right place to become our partner.


There are many scenarios in which you can find interest to partner with us. Here are some of them:

  • Most of our contacts with clients were initiated by system support people. They are in privileged position to witness problems with existing solutions that their clients have. With us, they were able to extend their system support role and bring it to a new level. Together we supplied some of their clients with our new and modern solution.
  • Technology is constantly changing. New features provide opportunities for getting competitive advantages over other companies. Companies ready to innovate are better placed for the future. If your client is trailing back with old systems talk to us.
  • We have complete solutions for several industries including:  membership management, insurance, legal management. If your clients are in one of these industries and have systems that limit them in any way, have a look at our solutions. There may be other opportunities that you come across and could see chance for improvement and doing things better. Use our expertise to initiate the change.



There are several ways you can partner with us:

  • Your company can offer our software solution to the client. You will simply expand your services to your clients to include software solutions. We will act as sub-contractor supplying the solution.
  •  We can offer the solution by ourselves. You will get a generous commission for providing a lead resulting in sale and implementation of our system.
  • You can acquire and own the whole product and then pursue your own opportunities and strategies. If there is some other way that suits your case best, do contact us.

Regardless of whether this was one of our existing solutions or we had to develop a new industry solution, this will be all just a beginning. With a satisfied client behind us we can offer the solution to the rest of the market. The sky is the limit.