CRM Based Systems

Base new applications on an established platform

We have done several applications that have are based on the powerful CRM system. Applications developed on our platform have a familiar look and feel professionally designed to blend with Office products. They are intuitive, easy to use and have standardised user interfaces: Forms, Lists and Search make them work in the same way across all solutions.

Each application is developed using ready-made parts, so that they can be reused in our other products. We call them Modules. 

The following is a list of basic modules that make our applications:

  • Client Management manages all client details. Clients can be linked in hierarchies.
  • Contact Management stores details about every contact with the client
  • Task Management manages tasks that can be assigned to employees
  • Document Management stores electronic documents and emails and links them to clients and other entities in the database
  • Marketing allows creation of mailing lists, exporting data, using Mail Merge etc
  • Reporting manages professionally looking reports
  • Batch Processing manages batch programs that are scheduled to run over-night and perform various maintenance jobs
  • Built-in internal security controls user log-in and manages permissions

Each application we build also has its own unique modules that manage its industry specific areas. The following are examples of our existing applications built using the CRM as a base:

CRM Studio

Although used as a starting point to build other more complex applications, the CRM Studio is a complete and self-standing CRM system. We have recently ported it to the Cloud. It can now support multiple companies using it at the same time. Each of them will have a separate database with all their data. 

Broker Studio

Using the CRM, we have built an insurance brokering system. It helps the insurance brokers to run their business.

To make it specific for the insurance industry we have added two new modules:  Policy module to process policies and Claims module to process claims.

Member Studio

Member Studio is a membership management system made for associations and clubs to manage their members.

The two industry specific modules we added to the CRM base were: Members to manage membership and Receivables to manage member’s payments.

Legal Studio

Legal Studio is a legal practice management system. Among other changes we have added a new module Matters to manage client matters.

Why us Studios?

  • An existing modern CRM system is a great start for application development. It exists, is already working and you can test and see how it looks and works. Your new system will look and work the same.
  • The CRM has many things already sorted out, including how data is displayed on forms, listed and searched. It has built-in security that we will expand to cover your new modules. All the functionality is there, already tested and used.
  • Development is much faster. Starting from the CRM makes it easy to assemble the first 60% of any solution. The rest is still to be developed, like industry specific modules, forms to be configured, reports to be made etc. Development of an industry specific solution from scratch is a long process and generally takes years. Starting with our CRM reduces the development time to months.
  • It makes great documentation. We will be able to prototype your future modules, put them in-place, make them look the way they will look once they are developed. With that, you can make documentation that looks realistic and shows how the system will look when finished. You will be able to show it to everybody asking for their input. You will get feedback before the system is done as opposed to after.

The CRM System is our platform for development of industry specific solutions. We have developed several solutions so far. It gives us huge initial advantage as we don't have to start from scratch. Your future system may be just several months away.


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