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Ways people communicate evolve over time. We had phones and faxes, then emails and now a new method has taken hold: Social Media. It started as a way to exchange messages between people but over time it matured and slowly it is spreading into the business word. You can hardly have any modern business system without including social media. 

We have to follow trends and our projects started to incorporate elements of social media. We have developed two major products that have social media at their cores:

Member Services

We have a membership management system that is being used by a big association. This is an in-house system made for employees to manage their members. It perfectly does its job, but it covers only a half of what the association needs.  A whole area that is open to their members is missing. They need to engage the members to communicate with them online: to register, pay subscriptions, purchase from the souvenir shop, advertise their companies etc. But there is also one more side that a closed group like members of an association can benefit from. This is ability to communicate among themselves: internal social media.

That's why we have developed our product Member Services. With inclusion of social media to other on-line services, the association is now capable of offering a compete set of services to their members.


Businesses are slowly incorporating social media in their systems, trying new ways to reach their clients. There is hardly a big company without it. Now, a new problem is starting to become visible: instead of individual attempts, there is a need for a unique approach, one global platform that will service all businesses. 

There ara global platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn but they are not made specifically for businesses to reach their clients. We see a huge gap in the market and that's why we have decided to develop a product that will fill the gap. We have developed a social platform for companies and customers to meet and conduct their business. We call it A55ETS.

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