Privacy Policy


We take your privacy very seriously. This page documents our policy regarding our user’s privacy.

Information that we collect:

When you opt-in to receive our free brochure we ask you to supply the following details:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Country

We use your name in emails to address you properly, email address to send you brochure link and country is for our analysis, to understand where geographically our users come from.

How we use your information:

We use your details in the following way:

  • To Email you the free brochure
  • Answer your question or send you additional information if you request
  • Provide better service

In each of our emails you will have a clearly marked link to opt-out if you wish. Once you opt-out we will remove your details form our system.

We don’t give or sell your details to anybody. They are strictly for our own use.

To improve our website, we collect information on the number of visits to our website, the time visitors spend on the web site, the number of pages viewed and the domains from which visitors visit our web site. This information is only analysed by us in the aggregate; it is not associated with any specific individuals.

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