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The story doesn't stop here

We have developed several other web sites over the years. The three sites below stand out, each on their own merits. We hope that one of them may inspire you to include it in your solution. 


Time Keeper is our on-line calendar web site. It is a base for various solutions that can be called by different names including: on-line scheduler, booking system, web diary, on-line calendar, planner etc.

Time keeper aims at making use of our web-based calendar and show its potential. It can be converted to various calendar-based web solutions that you may require in your business.

Go to TimeKeeper to see our on-line calendar in action


(many uses of the TimeKeeper)



Over the years we have developed several small puzzles and games, mostly to test our developers' skills. FunSide is our web-based fun house featuring those puzzles and games.

Escape to FunSide and have fun.


(FunSide puzzle)



Fact Finder is our on-line knowledge base site. It is independent and developed specifically for fact finding purposes. It hosts articles about our product features and details. The Fact Finder has various tools to help you find data within the database: you can use searches, navigate by catalogue hierarchy, use word cloud etc.

The Fact Finder is a product that we are offering to clients. It can become your on-line knowledge base, encyclopeadia, procedure manual and many others. You can use its on-line admin centre to create and maintain articles, add images, video etc.

Go to FactFinder to see more details


(FactFinder article)


All our products leverage the dominance of a Windows platform and the internet.


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