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Legal Studio is an in-house Legal Management System made for employees to manage your legal practice. It has been built to embrace the latest Internet technology.  It is the modern state-of-the-art system giving you all the tools you need to run your business.

Our Legal Studio provides tools to manage clients, contacts, tasks, billing, documentation, matters and engage in marketing. It is intuitive and easy to use. Users like its familiar Office look and feel. It runs as an internal web site and users interface via the browser.

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The system has been built as a number of interrelated modules with each module providing the tools for managing its own specific area. When put together, the resulting system is powerful, sleek, highly customisable and adjustable to each client’s needs.

The system covers several key areas required to manage a legal practice:

  • Client Management stores all details about clients. It allows you to profile clients and collect details that you can later use in marketing. You can enter multiple persons and address records per client.
  • Contact Management records all contact made with clients. For each contact you can add a new Note linked to the client. E-mails and faxes can be sent directly from Contact Management.
  • Matter Management keeps details about client matters. You can store contact for each matter, raise tasks for the matter, attach files etc.
  • Task Management manages tasks linked to clients and matters. It supports task allocation, follow-ups etc.
  • Document Management creates and stores invoices and other electronic documents and links them to the clients and matters. The documents are internally stored in the File System.
  • Billing module gives you tools to log work and expense items per matter and generate personalised invoices for the client.
  • Marketing enables the creation of mailing lists with clients. Using the lists, you can send e-mails and letters to clients. It supports mail merge.
  • User Dashboard is the user’s home page. It displays all user relevant information: matters, tasks, recently updated clients etc. The user can also see all of the activities displayed in calendar mode.
  • Role–based Security is the internal security mechanism that controls overall user’s access. It defines what menu items the user will see and what the user can do with the data: view, update, delete, add etc.
  • Calendars and Graphs - sometimes data is better presented if displayed in a calendar or as graphs. The system has both web-based calendars and graphs.

(image: matter details)

 Legal Studio provides you with several key benefits:

  • You will have a modern and powerful system to manage your legal practice.
  • You will have all data in one place and tools to manage their details and records of contacts with them, notes, tasks, matters and electronic documents linked to them.
  • Our Phone App will give your employees access from their smart phones to your data
  • You will embrace the latest Web 2 technology

Legal Studio works within the Windows environment.

Our Legal Studio is the main part of our Legal Practice Management offer. The other part is our Phone App that provides mobile access to your client contact details, their matters and other data.


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