Membership Management

Our Membership Management System consists of three product,s each of them covering its own specific area. They are integrated into one complete solution and use the same membership database. They provide all tools for modern and efficient management of members

Member Studio

Member Studio is an in-house membership system. It is used by your employees within the company to manage the members. It has a familiar 'office' look, it is intuitive and the employees find it easy to use

Member Services

Member Services offers on-line services to members. It provides access for members to register, renew subscriptions, book events, post job offerings and manage their directory listing page. It also offers access for the general public to search member's directory listing, view job offerings and purchase souvenirs from an on-line shop

Phone App

Phone App is a smart phone app that provides mobile access to member's data. There are several versions of the product, including one where employees can view member's data, one for members to manage their data, for the general public to search directory listing etc.

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