Insurance Projects

We have been developing systems for the insurance industry for more than 15 years. During time we have been working on a range of products from brokering to underwriter’s systems. The following are examples of projects we have worked on.

Broker Studio

Broker Studio is a modern brokering system. It is an in-house system used by your employees to manage customers, and process their policies and claims.

Online Quotes

Online Quotes provides on-line access for clients to get quotes, bind cover, pay for insurance and access their documentation. It offers class specific forms for various types of insurance.

Ad Hoc Forms

A tool to collect data that your current system cannot. You can publish forms online. It will work both on PC and mobile.

Virtual Underwriter

Virtual Underwriter is a system that provides automatic quotation and binding to insurance brokers. Developed for an underwriter to integrate to Steadfast SVU and also underwriter’s backend system.

Quotes Plus

You probably have a typical brokering system that you use to run your business. It does all the usual stuff but you want more. The technology brings new tools and features and opens new possibilities, but you are stuck and cannot experiment trying to make use of them. Quotes Plus is a web enabled layer that sits above your current system and open all this new technology to you.

Phone App

It provides mobile access to clients' data. It is a tool for employees only to view clients' data, while out of the office.

Form Host

By developing websites using a WordPress framework we have realised that there are no tools powerful enough to allow us to create complex professional on-line proposals, like ones that our clients need. At the end we developed our software specifically made for online proposals.

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