Creating Websites

There are plenty of tools for creating websites available on the Internet. They are often called ‘platforms’. One of the biggest is the WordPress. It has lot to offer: plenty of templates, add-ins that can be plugged on a page and a huge community behind it.

We follow trends, so it was inevitable to start developing websites on WordPress. We have used it to create several websites for our clients.

What our experience with it showed was that it was great for typical websites with its ease to manage contexts and add various bells and whistles. On the other hand, we hit the wall on several occasions when our clients’ needs pushed us to test its limits. We had to go under its surface to modify source codes, but still it was too restricted. It was obvious that we needed a tool that is better suited to our requests.

So, we decided to build one from scratch. That’s how our TMPortal was born.

TMPortal is Windows based, simple and fast, we can make components ad hoc and use them right away and most importantly, we have freedom to change whatever we want. This is a tool made primarily for website developers that ‘speak’ HTML, JavaScript and CSS as this is what its parts are made off.

We have built all of our websites using it. This website has also been built with it.

We have now come to the point where we want to give others the opportunity to use TMPortal and we are working on making it available for free download from our website. Watch this space.

There are other web sites that we built over the years to answer various needs and purposes. They may give you some ideas.

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