Online Forms

In order to do business on the Internet companies need online forms. The clients populate and submit them sending data to businesses in order to get a loan, insure some asset, etc.

We have been developing forms over many years with various tools and environments. Recently we had to make them on a WordPress website.  WordPress has various tools for building them but they were all made for simple ones and couldn’t handle complex forms like that insurance companies need. We had to find some other way to make the forms. That’s how we developed our Form-Host website.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple form with a small number of fields that you want to create quickly and use straight away. We have developed a tool for that as well. We call it Ad Hoc Forms. With this, you list data that you need on the form. We call it a 'model' of your data. Once done, all you haveto do is press a button and a form will be automatically generated for you. You can use it straight away to collect data.

To find more details go to Online Forms Hosting and Ad Hoc Forms

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