Advertising in A55ETS

Ads are usually annoying. They are advertising things that in most cases we don’t need or don’t apply to us. The advertisers are aware of that, but there is no other way but to plaster everybody with everything. They don’t have proper information to help them target their audience accurately. If I have, for instance, just purchased a new car then advertising cars to me is a waste of advertisers’ money and I perceive this as a nuisance. But if my car is an old wreck and is ready for replacement, then an ad showing features of a new car can be a useful information.

Big companies are putting huge efforts to collect as many information about people as possible and build their profiles to help them target ads more precisely. They are searching our emails, social networks activities, purchase history and everything else. They are building big data databases, developing AIs to make sense of the information, and invest big money onto all this.

In A55ETS, we won’t need to do any of that. There is already abundance of very precise information about us and what we hin the database, those that we have entered ourselves. The information about our assets are something that those big companies can only dream about.

So, are we going to use it? We for sure won’t disclose or give it to anybody. We will use it by our programs to filter ads and display to you only those that we think are relevant, and that you would probably be interested to see.

We will allow advertisers to specify what their target audience should look like. They would specify criteria like this: “This car ad will be shown to people living in Sydney, old between 40 and 50, have family house and still have Toyota that is over 4 years old.” Can anywhere else they do that? Our programs would then look at your details and determine whether you fit in this criterion. If you do, the car ad would be displayed on your webpage. The advertiser wouldn’t know who got the ad and who fit to this criterion. 

We would also charge advertisers a small fee every time an ad gets displayed on your screen (we will charge by ‘impression’), so it will be in their interest not to waste money and aim carefully who should see the ad.

The feature to allow advertisers to specify filtering criteria and make our programs use it, has not been implemented in this release. This is still a demo version of the software and new releases will add this new functionality over time. What is important to understand at this moment is that we do have asset records and this will have real potential to turn annoying ads into useful information.


Slava Krnjetin Slava Krnjetin - I have graduated Mathematics and then turned to IT and never looked back. I have now over 25 years of experience in IT industry doing consulting and development. It has always been my passion to follow the new IT trends and tools as they evolved over years.

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What a great idea!
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Hi There. I like your post
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