Selling laptops like tomatoes

If only they could see with our eyes

I had to buy a new laptop with touch screen and Windows 8. This was supposed to be a time full of excitement and craze among laptops on offer, read specifications, test, and talk to shop assistants. But this turned out to be a real nightmare. I went several times to retailers selling computers, you know Harvey Norman, JB HIFI, Good Guys and similar. I just couldn’t stand spending there more than couple of minutes.  It looks as if they are competing on who is going to make laptop purchase a more miserable experience. They have brought it up to the level of purchasing tomatoes on Paddys market.  They could have rented a stand there as well.

I can’t understand why the stand has to be covered in stickers calling you ‘buy now’, ‘best buy’.  Does anybody really buy a laptop falling for this type of advertising? I couldn’t find a decent specification, apart from the sticker listing several major points.  They are in a way telling you to shut your eyes and buy now, and get it $5 cheaper. You expect them after that to wrap it in newspaper sheet and put it in a plastic bag. I can’t believe that managers there can’t see this with the same eyes as t I am sure we all do.

I had a same experience a year ago when I went with my daughter to help her buy a new laptop. I went there with a goal to help her select a nice Windows laptop and prevent her from wasting additional $1000 on MAC with the same power and capacity. My role was to bring reason and prevent purchase based on her perception of what is cool.

We looked around and within 5 minutes it become obvious to me that although more expensive for no reason, MACs are a way above all the rest. I couldn’t pressure her to choose one of Windows ones. I couldn’t stand them too. We ended up going to Apple store and purchasing a MAC.

This time I was buying for me. I had to have a Windows laptop. It is for my work and with the type of environment I am working and the MAC wasn’t an option this time. The problem was that I just couldn’t see myself buying any of the laptops on the show.  No brand names stack in my head. They all looked the same: ugly and cheep.

My misery was over when I saw an ACER Laptop displayd on a stand in the middle of our shopping centre. They had several computers, lot of space, friendly staff that could answer all my questions (they even gave me a short course on Windows 8).  It was a boutique comparable to the one in Apple store. 

I looked at a nice laptop (model W5, i5 processor, 8GB ram, 17’ monitor, touch screen, 750GB disk drive). It cost $999. I didn’t buy that immediately: I went home to do some research.  But at that time I already knew what I wanted. The research just proved that this was the right Laptop to buy. I went there and purchased that laptop in 2 minutes.  I was happy.

The laptop was packed in a nice cool case. It was not exactly the level of details like when you purchase the MAC, but it was close.  I opened it, configured easily and everything was as it should be.

I can’t think of better way to do this but to use this text to thank ACER and for all those guys who helped me to purchase this laptop.  I read in a newspaper that computer sales in big stores are down and are struggling. I wonder why?


Slava Krnjetin Slava Krnjetin - I have graduated Mathematics and then turned to IT and never looked back. I have now over 25 years of experience in IT industry doing consulting and development. It has always been my passion to follow the new IT trends and tools as they evolved over years.

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