Feature List

The following is a list of its main characteristics of the TMPortal:

  • Free to download and use
  • Windows based, as our systems and systems of our clients all use Windows
  • Data driven (all in database) so that you can manage the website and its contents on-line and in real-time
  • Can access other databases and in that way integrate with your other systems
  • Can create multiple websites, different versions from the same content, like separate ones for PC, tablet and phone
  • Has Plugins to allow third parties to create and offer their contents and solutions via Plugin Store
  • Users will manage the website and its content without need to understand code and to program
  • Web designers and developers will use it as a platform to build customised websites
  • Content suppliers will offer Plugins that access their content
  • Easy to expand and customise. You will have a full control of your website
  • Developers will have to ‘speak’ HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • There is one version of the TMPortal only with its full functionality. There are no Advanced or Pro versions to pay for
  • Is simple and fast

This website is based on the TMPortal.

The TMPortal, when installed, consists of two components: a website and a database:

  • The Website is developed in Microsoft Dot Net using C#
  • The database is on Microsoft SQL Server

We are offering the TMPortal for free.

To install the TMPortal, first register and then download an installation file, put it in the right place and run. See the installation article for more details.

The TMPortal uses Templates to define general website functionality and look and feel of its web pages. A Default template is initially installed, but you can find more on our Plugin Store.

The TMPortal uses Components to provide contents to web pages. The web page that you are reading now, is made of several components: Menu, Header with image, content Page, Comments and Footer.
The components are made of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Many of them are already present on your new TMPortal site. You can find many more components on Plugin Store.

We hope that users will find the TMPortal a simple tool for managing contents and at the same time a very powerful tool for creating and managing websites. We are offering it for free, hoping that it will over time form a community that will share experience and Plugins and that the whole community will benefit from it.